Win some, loose some

One year have past and so much have happen, yet so little have changed.
I lost a part of myself, but found something new inside me.
I learned so much, yet I never felt so lost.
So many lessons have been taught, so little have been learned.
I have never known so much, yet felt so confused.
I have grown stronger but became colder.
I have learned what life is about but I have started to question the reasons.
I have grown up, yet realized how little I am.
I learned so much about love and beauty but from all the sadness and tragedy I've seen.
So much have become clear yet so many questions remains.
I have never felt so confident and never so empty.
I never felt so happy, so much hope and so full of life. I have never felt so disappointed.
I have started to see but I have started to pretend I never did.
I have found so much strength, I have been faced with so many battles.
I have hold my head high, I have kept my pride yet I have never felt so ashamed.
I have never been so successful yet never been seen as such failure.
I have done stuff I never could have dreamt of- both good and bad.
I have never loved so much, yet never been so callous.
I have become a new person that I both love and hate.
I have found meaning but lost reasons.
So many new begging's, so many similar endings.
I have won a fight but lost a war.
One year have gone. It have built me up. It have worn me down.
One year have gone and I have never looked forward so much for the next year, with all its ups and down, to start. I love my life and everyone I share it with.
Jag sökte på beautiful life för att hitta någon bra bild och dom här kom upp. haha


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