Asså äkta jag typ! hahaha

Borderline is a personality disorder that often hits women.

People who suffer from this are emotionally unstable and have a problem controlling their feelings. They often have poor self esteem and have a problem keeping relationships last. They are often deeply depressed, they have a problem controlling aggressive impulses and are very easy to blow up. People who suffer from this show substantial insecurity and instability in self image and coming to terms with their identity. Some people with borderline can see themselves as worthless or directly evil. They often feel misunderstood or badly treated. Feelings of boredom and emptiness are common together with a bad idea of who you really are..

Snart kommer nattiz wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
söta haha, kolla mitt ena öga, äkta kines!!
champange ska de drickas
OCh nattis ska porra sig och vara sexig i vanlig ordning:)


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